Introducing the 2017 - 2018 Lobo Band Majorettes. Lead by Drum Majors Olivia Lorenz, Kyia Walker and Madeline Archer. Looking forward to marching season!

Majorettes "Major" Events

The Longview Majorette are the snappiest performers afoot! For decades, the majorettes and drum majors have lead the Longview Band down many football fields, parades and grand openings. Once a Lobo Majorette, ALWAYS a Lobo Majorette.

The Majorettes at Longview High School do much more than do dance routines with batons at band performances. The drum majors and the majorettes are role models on and off the field. They must be exceptional marchers and musicians and they are extra leaders in the band hall to help the band directors. They set the standard for discipline, bearing, and conduct for the band.

The Majorettes are always busy helping in the band hall in addition to working hard not only in other classes but in the community as well.