Why join the Lobo Band Boosters?

Bottom line - Many hands make little work. That is why you should join the Longview Band Boosters. There is a lot that goes on in band and we need all hands on deck. Each moment a music educator spends on administrative tasks is a moment that educator could be spending with a student. YOUR student.

When youth see adults volunteer, they are more likely to volunteer as an adult. We are all busy but we all have kids in band. Show your pride and support by helping out. Your child is part of a great community, don't you want to be a part of it too?

Our band booster parents help get all the kids on the bus so literally no child is left behind. Our parents cook food for not only fundraisers but also for the kids. Our parents make sure that fundraiser paper work gets sent out (and turned in). Really, our band parents become moms and dads of 100+ kids on any given day.... so many hands make little work.

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